Desensitizing Lubricants for Anal

Painful Anal Sex – Minimizing Anal Sex Pain

If you aren’t sure where to begin, the following numbing anal lubes can change your anal game.

CleanStream Relax anal numbing lubricantCleanStream Relax Anal Desensitizing Lube
Relax Anal Lubricant formula includes 2 percent lidocaine to minimize potential discomfort and to provide a light to moderate numbing effect.

Like other water-based lubricants, it’s safe for use with toys and condoms, and it won’t stain your sheets.

Plus, the 17-ounce value-sized bottle provides plenty of banging for your buck.

Mental and Physical Preparation for Anal

Before you attempt any form of anal sex, it’s important that you’re in the right frame of mind. First, it should be something that you really want to do.

Second, if you’re going beyond solo play, you and your partner should feel emotionally comfortable, because communication is one of the keys to a successful experience.

As a side note, if you have a poop phobia, you might feel more comfortable if you douche before. This is completely optional. According to doctors, the anus and lower rectal area are typically very clean. After all, it’s an exit hole not a storage locker.

Preparing for Anal Penetration

As you prepare for anal penetration, warm up with foreplay, oral sex or masturbation – something that helps you relax.

When you’re ready, lubricate the rectum area generously. Start by inserting a lubricated finger using a gentle circular motion.

If that feels OK, try a reasonably sized dildo or butt plug. Insert it slowly before backing it out slightly.

As long as you’re comfortable, repeat this process until you’re able to take in most or all of the toy.

If you find that you’re tense, breathe deeply.

Masturbating or having your partner pleasure, can shift your focus from the discomfort. There’s no need to jam the toy in aggressively. Give your body time to relax and adjust.

Taking your partner’s penis might be your end goal, but it doesn’t have to be your first step.

If you’re worried about pain during anal sex, use a silicone butt plugs to train your rectal muscles and to increase your confidence.

anal plugsBlack Silicone Anal Trainer Kit
Increase your anal tolerance while experimenting with different plug sizes.

Each anal plug in this set features a tapered design starting with rounded tip and expanding to the base.

Start with the smallest butt plug before working your way through the series until you can comfortably insert the largest penis-sized model.

Each butt plug features a rounded tip and flared suction cup base that’s ideal for anal penetration training.

Anal plugs can be used daily. Once you can comfortably accommodate the smallest toy, try the next size, and repeat.

Practice is the key. With time, you’ll be able to accommodate your partner or larger penis-sized toys.

Choosing the Right Anal Position

When you’re ready for anal sex, make sure that you proceed slowly and are adequately prepared.

As the receiver, choose a position where you are in control. Doggie-style positions with your torso raised or lowered are ideal for beginners.

Seated, standing and side-by-side options also work well.

If you experience discomfort, varying the penetration angle can make a big difference. If you’re still experiencing discomfort after trying these tips, an anal numbing lubricant can help physically and mentally.

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